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food analysis equipment:-

The Kjeldahl method consists of three steps: 1) DIGESTION of the sample in sulphuric acid with a catalyst. The nitrogen contained in the sample is converted to ammonia; ammonium sulphate being formed. 2) DISTILLATION of ammonia released from ammonium sulphate by addition of an excess of sodium hydroxide; ammonia being trapped in a trapping solution (sulphuric acid). 3) BACK-TITRATION of the excess of the trapping solution. 

Soxhlet Extraction :

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Atomic Florescence Spectrometer (AFS)

Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer , AFS  for heavy metals analysis such as As, Hg , Cd ,Pb etc.



Model AFS-8230

Kjeldahl Method or Kjedahl Digestion

Kjeldahl Kjedahl Digestion is a method in chemistry for the quantitative determination of Nitrogen in chemical and food substances developed by Johan Kjeldahl in 1883.


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