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CHNS/O Elemental Analyzer for organic elemental analysis (OEA); DUMAS Nitrogen/protein Analyzer

  Organic CHNS/O Analyzer ( Carbon,Hydrogen,Nitrogen,Sulfur ,Oxygen)
CHNS/O Analyzer
Category:Coal Analyzer
Price:Euro 35K-50K
Description:Fully automatic instruments for the most exacting determination of CHNS and O.
Using state of the art Dynamic Flash Combustion Principle based on Dumas Method. Instruments tested against "3Q" Qualifications.


Compact, fully automatic Elemental Analyzers for the most exacting determination of CHNS and O.  The family analyses the following Combustion Applications:

  • CHNS Analyzer, CNS analyzer, S analyzer
  • CHN Analyzer, CN Analyzer, Nitrogen Analyzer

Applications :

Pure Organic Samples (CHNS)(O) ;Coal & Coke (CHN) ;Soils, Sediments, Plants (CN)

Synthetic Mixtures (CHNS)(O);Gasoline, Jet Fuels (CHN)(O);Compost & Leaves (CHN)

Organometallic (CNS)(O);Oils & Lubricants (CHN)(N);Fertilizers (CN)

Plastic & Polymers (CHN)(O);Wastes, Sludges, Garbage (CHN);Animal Feed (N)

Rubber (CHN)(S);Biomass (CHN)(O);Oil Seeds (N)