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RDE-OES Rotating disc Electrode Oil Spectrometer for elemental Analysis :

Rotating Disc Electrode Spectrometer analyzing wear metals, additives, and contaminants in  lubricating oils, fuels, coolants, process water, etc. Up to 32 elements are measured  automatically. 


Instruments for machine condition monitoring,predictive and proactive maintenance, based on oil and fuel analysis such as Rotating Disk Electrode (RDE)-based wear metal analyzer , oil Analysis Spectrometer,bench-top/portable kinematic viscometer,particle counter/ wear shape classifier/viscometer,hand-held Lubricants Condition Monitor, FT-IR Oil Analyzer and Ferrography System etc.

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Manual Distillation Apparatus

Fully Automatic Distillation Apparatus (ASTM D86,ISO EN 3405-2007,ASTM D 850,STM D 1078, DIN 51751 ,IP 123 , IP 191 , IP 195)

Semi-automatic Pensky-Martens Flash Point Analyzer (ASTM A93) (A and B)

Fully Automatic Pensky-Martens Flash Point Analyzer (ASTM D93 , ISO 2719,,ASTM A 93 A &B )

Semi-Automatic Cleveland Flash Point Analyzer (ASTM A 92)

Fully Automated Cleveland Flash Point Analyzer (ASTM D92 ,ISO 2592,IP 36, GOST 4333)

Existent Gum Tester (ASTM D381 ,ISI 6246 )

Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester (ASTM D 6371 ,EN 116 )

Ultra Precise Bath for Density & Reid Vapour Pressure Determinations (ASTM D287,D1298,D 6074,D 6158 ,IP 160,ISO 3675)

Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter