MaxLab Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Scientific Laboratory Equipment Supplier (since 2007) for Malaysia,Singapore,Vietnam,Indonesia,Philippines,Thailand,Myanmar,Laos,Brunei,Cambodia


Instruments for machine condition monitoring,predictive and proactive maintenance, based on oil and fuel analysis such as Rotating Disk Electrode (RDE)-based wear metal analyzer , oil Analysis Spectrometer,bench-top/portable kinematic viscometer,particle counter/ wear shape classifier/viscometer,hand-held Lubricants Condition Monitor, FT-IR Oil Analyzer and Ferrography System etc.

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More Petroleum Testing  Equipments :-

Manual Distillation Apparatus

Fully Automatic Distillation Apparatus (ASTM D86,ISO EN 3405-2007,ASTM D 850,STM D 1078, DIN 51751 ,IP 123 , IP 191 , IP 195)

Semi-automatic Pensky-Martens Flash Point Analyzer (ASTM A93) (A and B)

Fully Automatic Pensky-Martens Flash Point Analyzer (ASTM D93 , ISO 2719,,ASTM A 93 A &B )

Semi-Automatic Cleveland Flash Point Analyzer (ASTM A 92)

Fully Automated Cleveland Flash Point Analyzer (ASTM D92 ,ISO 2592,IP 36, GOST 4333)

Existent Gum Tester (ASTM D381 ,ISI 6246 )

Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester (ASTM D 6371 ,EN 116 )

Ultra Precise Bath for Density & Reid Vapour Pressure Determinations (ASTM D287,D1298,D 6074,D 6158 ,IP 160,ISO 3675)

Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter