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full range of eltra (germany) Carbon /Sulfur analyzers :

 We have a complete range of  elemental analyzers based on combustion analysis. It involves the combustion of the sample in a stream of oxygen and detection by Infra Red detectors .


CHS 580 Carbon/

H/Sulfur Analyzer

CHS-580A Sulfur/

Carbon Analyzer

CS800 Carbon/

Sulfur Analyzer

CS 2000 Dual Furnace

Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

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ONH Analyzers

Carbon/Carbon Dioxide & Water Analyzer CW-800//surface CArbon Analyzer SC-800

Choice of combustion-based Analyzers

the selection of an ideal combustion-based elemental analyzers is based on the matrices of your samples. An induction furnace-based analyzer is best suited for inorganic samples like steel and minerals while an organic sample like coal and coke is best combusted with a resistance furnace .

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