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Elemental Combustion Analyzer for Adsorbable Organic Halogens (AOX), TOX, EOX and POX by Microcoulometry

The Xplorer is designed to analyze rapidly and precise in a wide range of liquid and solid matrices. It is ideal for laboratories performing Organic Halogen analysis, if necessary for round-the-clock operation. The AOX, EOX and POX modules are easily interchangeable.
High throughput AOX analysis is enabled by a unique slider principle, the Xplorer simply utilizes Newton’s law of gravity, by allowing the cup or frit to ‘fall’ into the boat, before entering the horizontal furnace.
When the boat returns from the furnace, the slider moves to the eject position, where the used cup or frit is collected for re-use, without any pile-up in the furnace tube.

Common applications

  • Drinking water
  • Waste water
  • Cooling water
  • Process water
  • Effluent water
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Sediment


Three different methods:

– AOX/TOX (Adsorbable Organic Halogens / Total Organic Halogens)

– EOX (Extractable Organic Halogens)

– POX (Purgeable Organic Halogens)


Most of the organic halogens found in nature are toxic, carcinogenic, persistent and bio-accumulative. Over time, these might pose a threat to the environment and to mankind. As a consequence, regulatory authorities around the globe have issued mandates defining maximum permissible limits of these compounds in soil and water. Analyzing their specific composition in order to identify whether they stay within the permissible limits is both difficult and time consuming. Therefore, standard methods have been developed to ensure fast and reliable screening for routine analysis.





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International Standards

NEN 6401ISO 9562ISO 11480NEN 6402GB/T 15959ASTM D4744EPA 9023EPA 9021EPA 9020EPA 1650BEN 1485DIN 38414-18DIN 38409-22DIN 38409-14


Total Organic Halogens

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Total Organic Halogens (TOX), often referred to as Total Organic Halides, is the sum parameter of Total Organic Fluor (F), Chlorine (Cl), Iodine (I) and Bromine (Br). Total Organic Halogens are measured by adding the amount of Purgeable Organic Halogens (POX) to the amount of Adsorbable Organic Halogens (AOX) measured in a water sample. An elemental combustion analyzer is able to measure the POX and AOX content in (waste)water samples according to Oxidative Combustion Microcoulometry.

International method to measure the amount of Total Organic Halogens (TOX) in water samples: EPA 9020