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Eltra dual-furnace Carbon Sulfur Analyzer model CS-d


ELTRA's ELEMENTRAC CS-d is a dual-furnace Carbon Sulfur Analyzer

  for the determination of carbon and sulfur in organic as well as inorganic samples.

 The ELEMENTRAC CS-d is equipped with both an induction and a resistance furnace

(ELTRA Dual Furnace Technology), covering the full matrices  of carbon and sulfur analysis.

Up to four highly sensitive infrared (IR) cells allow for precise measurement of both high and low carbon

and sulfur concentrations in only one analysis. The measuring range of each cell may be adapted

to the user's specific requirements to ensure optimum measurement conditions for each application.

The ELEMENTRAC CS-d is supplied with the comprehensive and user-friendly ELEMENTS software.




The ELEMENTRAC CS-d is available as a single-element analyzer for carbon or sulfur only, or in a configuration for simultaneous measurement of both carbon and sulfur. It uses up to four IR cells for this purpose which can be adapted to individual requirements. As the length of the cuvette increases, so does the sensitivity for low concentrations (e. g. 10 ppm). Shorter cells can still measure samples with low levels in the ppm range, but the standard deviation of the measured values increases significantly. For optimum measurement of low and high concentrations, it is therefore recommended to use two IR cells per element. The latest detector technology enables a wide measuring range for carbon and sulfur from the ppm range up to 100 % in both induction and resistance furnace.  In addition, gold cuvettes installed as standard offer greater reliability for elemental analysis of samples containing halogens.

A special option for the ELEMENTRAC CS-d is a halogen trap to reliably bind even very high halogen concentrations. The carbon / sulfur analyzer can also be delivered in a special configuration for the analysis of cement. 

3.0 Carbon Suflur Analyzer CS-r/CS-580A helios for Coal/Coke

ELTRA‘s CHS-r is the ideal analyzer for the simultaneous determination of carbon, hydrogen and sulfur in organic samples.

Thanks to sample weights of 500 mg and more, even inhomogeneous materials can be reliably analyzed. The temperature of the powerful horizontal resistance furnace with ceramic tube can be set in steps from 1 °C to a maximum of 1,550 °C.

The analyzer can be equipped with up to three  independent infrared cells according to the user‘s requirements, allowing for a great variety of applications.


coal, coke, oil, plant materials, rubber, soot, tobacco, waste, .