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Eltra Hydrogen Analyzer Model Elementrac OH-p2

The  ELEMENTRAC OH-p Hydrogen Analyzer complies with

ASTM E1447-04 Standard Test Method for Determination of Hydrogen in Titanium and Titanium Alloys by the Inert Gas Fusion Thermal Conductivity Method

The highly sensitive  thermal conductivity detectors reliably detect Hydrogen element concentration from low ppm content to high percentages.

The innovative sample port system with pulsed chamber rinsing and vertical sample drop allow for user-friendly and comfortable analysis of rod-shaped, granular or powdery samples with a weight of up to 2 grams.

The ELEMENTRAC OH-p 2 elemental analyzer meets or exceeds the requirements of all relevant international standards such as ASTM E 1019 or DIN EN 3976.


An oxygen channel  could be added to comply with ASTM E2575-19 Standard Test Method for Determination of Oxygen in Copper and Copper Alloys by Inert Gas Fusion


Eltra Hydrogen Analyzer Model H-500

Under ISO 3690:2011, Hydrogen Analyzer by Heat Extraction Method for the determination of diffusible hydrogen in martensitic, bainitic, and ferritic steel weld metal arising from the welding of such steels using arc welding processes with filler metal is adopted.

Carrier gas hot extraction (CGHE) is a commonly applied technique for determination of hydrogen in weld joints using a thermal conductivity detector (TCD) for hydrogen measurement. The CGHE is based on the accelerated hydrogen effusion due to thermal activation at elevated temperatures. The ISO 3690 standard suggests different specimen geometries as well as necessary minimum extraction time vs. temperature
The H-500 analyzer uses the heat extraction technique and is equipped with a resistance furnace with quartz tube. The temperature can be set up to 1000 °C in steps of 1 °C. The usual working range of the H-500 is about 900° to 1000° C.

ELTRA’s H-500 can be customized to the requirements of the user. The analyzer carries up to two different sensitivities of the detectors to allow highest precision for a variety of applications.


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