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Scientific Laboratory Equipment Supplier (since 2007) for Malaysia,Singapore,Vietnam,Indonesia,Philippines,Thailand,Myanmar,Laos,Brunei,Cambodia


Certified Reference Material  (CRM) for refineries    

 Certififed Reference Material (CRM)  from Eltra Germany for combustion analyzers Link

Certified Reference Materials  for viscosity ( Kinematic Viscometers, Rotational Viscometers)

CRM for oils and petroleum

 CRM from DCG (USA)  for petroleum Link

CRM and Standard Solutions for Single-Element ,Multi-element Standards for AAS,ICP

CRM  and disk standards for Ferrous and Non -ferrous metals for Arc Spark Spectrometers

CRM for tensile tester/Universal Testing Machine

CRM for LECO Carbon Sulfur Analyzer

CRM for X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer ( XRF,WD-XRF,ED-XRF)

CRM for organic  CHNOS analyzers

CRM for coal, mineral , geology,agriculture ,soil,plants,leaves

CRM for particle size count

​NIST Standard Reference Materials (SRM)



calibration reference standards/Certified Reference Materials

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